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Say Hello To Colour!

Say Hello To Colour! Kimber Doll Blog
We are delighted to announce and release the long-awaited coloured eye-sets which are now available from Kimber's Closet! 

Kimber Becomes The Slave

Kimber Becomes The Slave

In this shoot Kimber becomes a slave for a day, submitting to her master and their every desire. 

Kimber's submission begins outdoors as she is forced to be seen by all in her lingerie outfit, before returning indoors for the main attraction. Bound at the wrists and tethered to the obedience bench, Kimber is faced with a complete loss of power, a cane and even a whip. 

Kimber in the Kitchen

Kimber Doll in the Kitchen Blog
Hello readers and welcome to this week's blog post where we get to see Kimber frolic around the kitchen in her apartment deciding on what to have for dinner. This can be a lengthy process for our lovely lady which in this instance, saw her feel the need to reduce her clothing in order to choose carefully... We're not complaining!