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Kimber Doll

108 reviews
Meet Kimber, handmade from the highest quality materials that feels incredible. Kimber is a full-size love doll that is based off of the real Kimber. Stocked in the UK and ready to ship, purchase comfortably and discreetly

Kimber Doll

108 reviews

In stock and ready to ship! All orders ship from within the UK. 

Hello, my name is Kimber. I am a companion doll but unlike any other that you have ever seen or experienced before. 

I'm made from the highest quality materials and feature the most realistic characteristics in love doll existence. I'm hand made and genuine in every way. 

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About me 

Height: 158cm
Weight: 29kg
Breast Size: DD Cup
Skin Material: Proprietary Flesh Compound (Learn More)
Orifices: Realistic Vagina with Detailed Appearance + Tight Anal Entry + Orgasmic Oral Feature
Internal Lengths: Vagina = 20cm, Anal = 20cm, Oral = 14cm (approx.) 
Internal Textures: Varying textures and ribbed features for your pleasure. 
Skeleton: Manoeuvrable limbs that hold positions while in use. Removable head. Standing feet now included. 
ISO Compliance Certificate: Download here

What's included

- Kimber Doll
- Blonde wig as shown
- Blue eyes
- Lingerie as shown or similar
- Care gloves for handling
- Water washing device
- USB heating probe
- Care blanket

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Full Measurements: 

Length 158cm / 62"
Bust 76cm / 30"
Lower Bust 55cm / 21"
Waist 50cm / 19"
Hips 63cm / 25"
Vaginal Depth 20cm / 8" approx.
Anal Depth 20cm / 8" approx.
Oral Depth 14cm / 5"
Arm Length 56cm / 22"
Leg Length 85cm / 33"
Thigh Circ. 49cm / 19"
Calf Circ.  25cm / 10"
Foot Length 21cm / 8"
Head Circ. 53cm / 21"
Shoulder Width 35cm / 13"
Packaging Dimensions 148cm x 38cm x 28cm
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Jake H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Outstanging doll!

Before I begin I have to say I'm super happy with my lovely new lady friend! :) Since the start of the pandamic I've been feeling a bit blue and to help me deal with things, I thought I would take the plunge for lack of a better pun into the world of love dolls. As a totally blind person, it is an apselute must that my doll experience is fully tactile and intimately excellent, and oh my how amazing this babe is on both counts. Kimber, or Crystal as I have renamed her because of her blue eyes (thanks to my friend for coming up with that one BTW) is my dream girl in dolly form. She is anotommically correct, amazingly detailed in all my favourite places, and the real icing on the cake, provides exquisit sensentions and feedback during our interactions at playtime :) The ordering experience was top notch grade A also, from the easy and accessible order process, to the friendly logistics lady calling me to arrange delivery. I will admit I was a little put off by one thing at first, the ultra affordable price. Now without me going full on infomercial on you, I was like, how can they possibly pull that value price off? Well fear not fellow doll first timer, or indeed fourth timer like your's truely, as whether she's your first or your 50th :) she won't let you down! Crystal is my second TPE girl, and by far the best in her class for her super silky, soft and bouncey skin, life-like proportions, and that fluffy soft light blonde wig that I just love to play with. I guess for me personally I wouldn't mind a bit more to hold onto round her super slender middle, but that's just me. Look, my first TPE temptress was a tiny bit curvier, but in every other way intheria. You won't be surprised to learn that she was double the price as well. To conclude then because I've droned on enough, the Kimber doll is a fantastic addition to my room, complimenting my other doll, a blonde plush love doll from a well known name in the doll kingdom. Thanks so much team Kimber for making and supporting such a great product. One more thing, I see a few comments around the weight of the doll, and trust me people I'm totally with you. I was quite taken back by my first doll's heft also, I am no body builder. This is just a fact of life when considering ownership of ab full-size TPE doll due to the mattierals used, found that out when disassembling my first one, don't ask lol. Even scailled down torso dolls have some weight to them, after all it all goes toward making play more realistic IMO :)

United Kingdom United Kingdom


The *** was great ... The way she called me by my ex's name just made the experience 100% more effective. I would definitely buy another once i use her to her limits and get bored and toss her out like my Ex wife.

Bob B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Kimber's aces all the way.

Kimber is fantastic. I purchased another doll from a leading competitor at 3x the price, let's just call her Whatsername, and I really wish I hadn't bothered, Kimber is better quality all round and I have since bought another Kimber and kicked moody Whatsername out and she is now living on the streets most probably. Nothing bad to be said about Kim 1 and Kim B in fact, I am only able to tell them apart after drawing a big black number 1 and letter B on thier respective foreheads, I also drew a large Bob on my forehead so twin-Kim's don't get all confused. Life before the Kimsternator's must of been boring... If you are wondering if Kimber is you're kind of thing or if she's worth the money, do not hesitate, she's definitely you're kind of thing unless you are odd in nature, without eyes, hands or the ability to sense things in you're immediate surroundings... Besides if you don't like her send her to me, I fancy triple-Kim's or team-triKim as I will refer to them as. Nice! Mr B Bobson

Chris T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Order 1972

I ordered doll on Saturday morning delivered Thursday, excellent delivery Time! I am absolutely over the moon with her quality of build and price! I have been debating buying such a doll for some time now and finally took the plunge and purchased her. You guys are brilliant to come up with this Product! I read quite a number of reviews and a lot of guys complain about her weight but to me she is perfect if a little on the light side, my last girlfriend weighed 125 pounds and I used to lift her up all the Time! But again I am not your average guy as I have been weight lifting for 30 Years! Well done you guys, I would think about buying another one in good time. Kind Regards, Chris

Jim C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best Buy of My life

Arrived less than 48 hours after ordering (and that was at the weekend too!!!) Had done my research and took the plunge, and boy I was not disappointed! Beautiful doll, well made and solid competitor to other dolls three times the price!!! Kimber is the perfect entry level doll with everything you would expect and whole lot more! I certainly made the right choice here!!!